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Electrical Design for the Future

by Dave |September 5, 2017 |1 Comments | Blogs | , , , ,

We have a soft spot for all things electrical here at Castle Drawable (well, the boss is a sparkie from way back) and it’s an industry with endless possibilities. As our demand for and consumption of electrical power increases, so does our need for new technologies to allow workplaces and homes to access it, and […]

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Meet the Beast

by Cam |August 16, 2017 |0 Comments | Blogs | , , ,

The construction industry boom in Sydney shows no sign of slowing down, and the city skyline is a forest of cranes that just keeps growing. Infrastructure work is off the charts with the $20 billion Sydney Metro Project now in its second stage. Major commercial developments are under way in the CBD and the Australian […]

interstae companies of Australia

Working With Companies Interstate

by Cam |July 19, 2017 |10 Comments | Blogs | , ,

Are you wondering if it’s possible for trade drawings to be completed interstate?  At Drawable, we’ve completed many interstate drafting jobs for trade-based companies. The drafting process we’ve developed allows for trade drawings to be completed remotely without the need for face to face meetings with our clients. With today’s advancing technology the ability to […]

Electrical Drawings

by Cam |July 2, 2017 |3 Comments | Blogs | , ,

There are many types of electrical drawings that are used by a diverse range of technicians, electricians and engineers through the construction, engineering and maintenance sectors Some of the electrical drawings we complete include schematics, line diagrams, lighting layouts, circuits diagrams, switchboard configurations, communications cabinets, control drawings, lighting and power layouts, As Builts and as […]

As built drawings certification text

What is an as built drawing?

by Dave |May 23, 2017 |1 Comments | Blogs | , ,

As Built drawings document the completion of works and are an essential part of the contractor’s hand over manuals. As the need for documentation throughout the construction process increases so does the need for as built drawings and other drawings. As Built drawings can also be called As Installed drawings, As Constructed drawings and As […]

Tradesman viewing trade drawings and electrical drawings

Types of trade drawings

by Dave |May 10, 2017 |4 Comments | Uncategorised | , ,

What are the different types of trade drawings completed throughout the stages of construction? At Drawable we complete a number of different types of trade drawings depending on the stages of construction. Trade drawings, sometimes referred to as technical drawings, are drawings or plans used by contractors, engineers and tradesmen that documents specific trade elements […]

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