View from drone of World Youth Day at Barangaroo, Drawable completed electrical drawings and as constructed drawings

World Youth Day

by Cam |October 20, 2016 |0 Comments

The brief for this job in the early days of Drawable was a little overwhelming at first, but we love a challenge and don’t have a too hard basket!

Now-defunct electrical contractor Rivercorp commissioned a set of drawings allowing them to efficiently install the power distribution cabling and switchboards for both the Barangaroo and Randwick sites for World Youth Day in 2008. With over a million people from around the world visiting for the weekend, there was no room for error.

By breaking the site’s drawings into zones, adding pictures showing the different types of portable switchboards and devising a colour-coding system for the different cables sizes and types, our design worked a treat.

All events at both sites went off without a hitch (or a circuit breaker tripping) and we helped Sydney look awesome in the eyes of our international visitors – and the Pope!

Tailor’s Walk

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Historic sydney university courtyard maintained by electricians, plumbers, mechanical, air conditioning and various other contractors that Drawable complete as built drawings for

The University Of Sydney

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