Large data centre to be filled with communications cabinets for Equinix Sydney built using Revit models and BIM


by Cam |October 20, 2016 |0 Comments

Our team has been working with the contractors that service Equinix for many years, and their data centres continue to grow and expand.

Working in AutoCAD, we document the huge volume of power circuits needed for the comms cabinets, adjusting the “zones” for their clients’ growing server farms, and also use Revit to update and correct components within the model. We also come up with solutions to ensure all information will fit on the power circuit drawings as the circuits hit crazy levels.

We’ve had a challenging time upgrading the line diagrams showing the ever-changing switchboard configurations. However, through constant communication with various electrical contractors, we have maintained the overall structure of these key drawings.

Amazing lighting design at the entrance of the star casino at night shown on reflected ceiling plan as builts

The Star Casino

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