Draftsman reviewing plumbing drawings and block plans checking water pressure and flow rates
Drafter in blue shirt leaning on table reviewing architectural drawings, sections and elevations

Do drawings slow down the delivery of your handover manual to your builder or project manager?

Are you struggling to find a drafter that provides accurate drawings at a reasonable price with quick turnaround times?


For 9 years Drawable have provided a wide range of drafting services and trade drawings using AutoCAD and Revit software for all sorts of companies throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim. We take on drafting projects of all sizes from 10 minutes to 800 hours, and with over 9,400 jobs under our belt we have pretty much seen it all!

We do electrical drawings, as builts, electrical schematics, line diagrams, wiring looms for vehicles, development applications, plumbing drawings, comms room layouts, power and lighting circuitry, switchboards configurations, 3D models, car park and sports field lighting, plumbing and pipe layouts, electrical plans, evacuation pathways, cable tray layouts, proposed CCTV locations, hydrant layouts, fire zones drawings, lighting designs, lux level drawings, sprinkler locations, block plans, shop drawings, revision changes, furniture layouts, cross sections and elevations, BIM modelling, site surveys, drawings for complying developments, elevations and many other types of drawings.


We work for ANY TRADE or business including sparkies, plumbers, security installers, builders, government departments, sprinkler installers, fire protection installers, real estate agents, property developers, data and communications technicians, vehicle manufacturers, councils, CCTV installers, alarm systems installers, switchboard manufacturers, communication cabinet builders, shopping centres, bush fire protection designers, retailers, banks, hoarding installers…the list goes on.


Drawable supplies a wide range of block plans and other drawings required in public areas for use by different trades and services in Sydney. Our block plans can include pipe pathways, hydrant and valve locations, water pressure and flow rates, site layouts and any other information required.

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