Laser Scanning

3d laser & point cloud scanning

Verify your work against the Revit model

3d laser scanning

Laser technology has been in common use since the 1960s, in everything from printers to surgical instruments. Today, it is revolutionising architecture, engineering and construction in the form of 3D laser scanners, which digitally capture the shape of physical objects and real-world spaces – such as construction sites or fit-outs. In this process, a 3D laser scanner emits hundreds of thousands of points of amplified light per second to create ‘point clouds’ of data, which are extremely accurate representations of the scanned space.

Our scanner

Drawable’s 3D laser scanner is a FARO Focus S 70, which has a range from 0.6 to 70 metres with an incredible 1mm accuracy (depending on settings). It emits up to 976,000 points per second to capture detailed measurements of complex objects and spaces. This ultra-portable, lightweight device can be set up on site and ready to go within minutes, mounted on a floor tripod or even suspended in an inverted position from above. Although it runs off 19V external power, this versatile unit also has a battery life of 4.5 hours so can operate under virtually any conditions.

how we use it

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts at Drawable use the scanner data to provide complete verification of the work you have done on your project, whatever your trade. At any stage of your build or installation, our highly trained operator can attend your site and perform the scan with minimal disruption to any works in progress. We then interface the captured scan data with the 3D model, for quick and accurate confirmation that your model fulfils the tolerance required in your tender documentation.

the complete bim solution

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our scanning services

Construction BIM
  • Scan and map existing walls and services for planning
  • Verify the installation against the Revit model
  • Coordinate trade services between the builder and contractor
  • Monitor the construction and installation process
Spatial Mapping
  • Scan to BIM – feeds real-world information into the model
  • Record existing services for future design
  • Analyse scan data immediately – no waiting period
  • Integrate scans seamlessly with all industry-standard CAD software
Facility Management (FM)
  • Record accurate inventory data for FM and Asset Management
  • Verify existing services for a stable basis for replanning
  • Provide meticulous measurements of spaces, elements and objects
  • Deliver detailed 3D models for planning with scan data
  • Digital visualisations and online product configurations
  • Assemble parts and components off-site with exact 3D data
  • Improve coordination and flow of documentation between stakeholders
  • Verify that incoming parts are within specification to original plans

of 3d laser scanning

  • Fast, efficient and accurate recording of existing spaces and services
  • Immediate processing and task distribution with wireless scan data
  • Capture real world information to verify the model and represent your work
  • Measure high and otherwise complex structures with ease
  • Operate in extreme or harsh lighting conditions
  • Deliver contractual obligations with complete model accuracy
  • Share scan data with anyone, anywhere with secure web-based hosting
  • Interface with industry-standard CAD software such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley products & AutoCAD