Big Spenders

During the last 12 months Australia’s banks have endured a rather humiliating dressing down at the royal commission, for scandalous behaviour ranging from taking bribes to charging dead customers for financial advice… in one case for 10 years after the customer’s demise. Classy. However, after paying their fines the ‘Big Four’ have still managed to scrape together enough funds to provide themselves with spectacular new business premises. Nice to know our fees are being well spent.

Ah well, at least our friends in finance are keeping the construction industry gainfully employed, including the AutoCAD drafting and Revit modelling team here at Drawable. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the anchor tenant in a spectacular $1 billion Mirvac development, in Redfern’s Australian Technology Park, which will house 18,000 workers in a hub of work, lifestyle and retail spaces. Drawable was engaged by electrical contractor Heyday to produce the for construction and for approval plans required to install the power layouts, as well as comms services drawings. Building 1 (of three) is due for completion next year.

Heyday are also contracted to do the electrical installation for the National Australia Bank’s shiny new Sydney headquarters in the 27-storey Wynyard Place, and again turned to Drawable – this time utilising our Building Information Modelling (BIM) expertise. So far we’ve delivered shop drawings for cable tray, power and security layouts, all in Revit for BIM coordination and clash detection purposes. Here’s hoping the shemozzle that is the light rail will be finished in time for the projected completion of this imposing George Street tower in 2020.

Still in the CBD, Westpac are settling into freshly refurbished offices in the 166m-high glass edifice that is their Australian headquarters, Westpac Place at 275 Kent Street. has been installing the electrical services for this fitout, and engaged Drawable to draft the as built drawings for the comms, power, lighting, FCR and WAP layouts.

ANZ has been splashing the cash around too – in Bankstown, aptly enough – on offices and a branch in the sleek new Flinders Centre development. This time it’s Powerdata Tech who tasked Drawable with delivering SLDs plus power, comms, lighting and fire detection layouts to complete the electrical as built documentation.

Smaller players in the money market have also been making their presence felt at our Newtown office, in the form of Stanley Security’s shop drawings for Macquarie’s Pitt Street premises and Elecro’s power, comms and lighting as builts for China CITIC’s new Sydney home. So if you need immaculate trade drawings or 3D models to document your work for financial institutions, you know you can bank on Drawable.