Got questions about CAD drawings, how to mark up & BIM? We’ve got answers…

  • What type of trade drawings do you produce?
  • Everything from for construction, shop drawings, SLDs/schematic diagrams and revision changes to as builts and asset management models.

  • How do I mark up my drawings for as builts?
  • We’ve put together this cheat sheet for you to follow. It’s primarily for electrical customers but many of the tips are relevant for hydraulic and mechanical contractors too.

  • I need new printouts of my drawings. Can you do that?
  • We sure can. We’ve got a massive plan printer that prints up to A0 size. It scans, too, if you’ve only got a paper copy.

  • What software does Drawable use?
  • We create two-dimensional drawings using AutoCAD, which is the industry standard, and also Visio, while for 3D and beyond we use Revit.

  • Can you convert files?
  • We can convert most PDFs and JPEGs to AutoCAD files (DWGs), but it depends on a lot of variables. Best to get in touch and check with us.

  • I don’t have AutoCAD software. How can I look at my files?
  • It’s free to download DWG TrueView to view AutoCAD files, so you can check them before sending us your job.

  • The files I’ve got are too big to email. How should I send them to you?
  • We like using Dropbox for sharing files, or BIM 360.

  • What do the terms Revit and BIM mean?
  • Revit is a software app (from the same stable as AutoCAD) used to generate Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short. BIM is a super-efficient way to plan, design, build and manage projects, and you can read more about it here.

  • How can my crew work off a 3D model on site?
  • Revit models can be printed just like two-dimensional drawings, so your tradies can still read from and mark up old-school paper. If you want to view the actual 3D model just download this free software, Navisworks Freedom.

  • I’m confused about LOD…
  • You’re not alone! We’ve tried to explain Level Of Development (LOD) here, but if you fill in our Revit Spec Sheet we can help work out the LOD of a project for you.

  • What info do you need from me to quote a Revit job?
  • The Revit Spec Sheet we’ve developed should cover all bases – including the BIM Execution Plan (BXP) plus trade, structural and architectural models. But if you’re unsure about anything, just give us a call.

  • Who needs to be involved in the BIM process?
  • Ideally the whole project team – architect, engineers, consultants and all trade contractors. It’s also a good idea to keep the owner and other stakeholders aware of all developments and updates.

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