Land Of The Giants
We do data and comms drawings for tech giant office fit-outs

It’s official: the geeks have inherited the Earth. According to the Forbes list of The World’s Billionaires, four out of the top 10 richest people in the world have made their fortunes from technology. Ranking #1 and #2 are Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft mogul Bill Gates, while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Oracle software whizz Larry Ellison aren’t doing too shabbily at #5 and #9 respectively.

These tech giants might have made their gazillions in the virtual realm of coding, but they still need bricks-and-mortar buildings to operate their global businesses from. The NSW Government has been salivating at the prospect of Google setting up a massive Australian headquarters in Sydney. Even though initial plans for the online behemoth to set up shop in Rozelle were abandoned last year due to issues with public transport, rumours are rife that an Aussie Googleplex may become the anchor tenant in Mirvac’s revitalisation of the old Eveleigh rail yards – now known as the Australian Technology Park – next to Redfern station.

Of course Google isn’t the only digital dynasty to call Australia’s largest city home. Sydney’s harbour views and sunny disposition have lured Silicon Valley’s finest since the early days of e-commerce. So, is Drawable involved in any of these hi-tech projects? You bet your bottom Bitcoin we are.

Major contractors including Heyday Group, Somerville Electric and EDV have been using our electrical and data and comms drafting acumen for yonks to generate shop drawings, for construction drawings and as builts. This means that the electrical drawings for the Sydney offices of Amazon, Google, Apple, zipMoney, PayPal, Expedia and Snapchat have our draftsmen’s fingerprints all over them.

Got a lighting, power, data and comms contract coming up for a tech giant’s new premises? No matter how complex the installation, you know that after 10 years of pumping out trade drawings for construction projects and fit-outs from mini to massive, Drawable has the experience and skills to deliver your AutoCAD drafting and Revit BIM.

Get in touch or check out examples of our past projects to see how we can make you look awesome to your prestige tech customers.