Warragamba Dam

With the clock ticking and the customer’s drafting team flat out on other projects, we were asked to deliver the almost impossible.

Electrical contractor O’Donnell Griffith had performed a refit of the massive Warragamba Dam and engaged Drawable to complete 4,500 as-built drawings in 5 weeks with no leeway in our timeline – any delay and penalty clauses would kick in.

After one meeting with ODG’s project team at the bottom of Australia’s most famous dam, off we went, heads down and bums up. Over the following 5 weeks we delivered 900 drawings per week to a very happy client, allowing the project to be finished on deadline with complete handover manuals.

This was the tightest timeline we have ever been given and we didn’t disappoint.

  • Cam
  • October 20, 2016
Arial view of Warragumba Dam, Drawable completed the control and as built drawings using electrical drafters
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