Revit & BIM


Need to resolve potential conflicts with other trades in your project?

Our Revit 3D clash detection models are for you!

Revit is a nifty piece of building information modelling (BIM) software by Autodesk, the same boffins who make AutoCAD, the 2D software we use. It allows Drawable drafters to see where an electrical cable tray will be in the way of a mechanical duct, or when penetration for plumbing pipework will impact other services, for example. All at the design phase.

This means we can resolve conflicts and interferences well before construction of the project starts, preventing cost blowouts and headaches all round.

Some of the 3D model and BIM services Drawable offers include:

  • Clash detection using NavisWorks
  • Revit models for use from construction to completion
  • 3D design for hospitals, residential & commercial buildings
  • Underground MEP systems coordination
  • MEP BIM coordination with other trades
  • As built BIM coordination

So if you want help detecting potential missing elements, clashes and discrepancies during preconstruction – producing immaculate MEP, plumbing, mechanical and electrical shop drawings along the way – you know where to come.

Contact us to find out how our BIM expertise can help your complex project go smoothly.

Image credits: Autodesk